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SanDisk updates its line of SSDs, making them compatible with the SATA 3.0 standard

News continues to be announced at Computex 2011, which takes place in Taipei. Now it was SanDisk's turn to present its next generation of SSDs for tablets and ultraportable notebooks.

SanDisk logo

The U100 is aimed at ultra-thin portable computers (are they ?ultrabooks??) And is available in capacities ranging from 8GB to 256GB. Its reading and writing speeds reach up to 450MB / s and 340MB / s, twice the performance of the previous generation, P4, respectively. The iSSD, in turn, geared towards tablets and ranges from 8GB to 128GB, with a structure that allows direct welding to the gadget's circuits. It achieves the same reading speed as the U100 (450MB / s), but is a little behind in terms of writing, with ?only? 160MB / s.

For the time being these components are being offered in samples, with their mass production expected in the third quarter of this year. This did not, however, prevent ASUS from placing the U100 in its new line of ultra-thin notebooks. It remains to be seen whether this offer from SanDisk will be interesting also for Apple, which certainly needs as many suppliers as it can get.

(via 9 to 5 Mac)