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Rumors: only the “iPhone 8” will have fast charging; wireless power adapter will be sold separately

Just yesterday we published two articles talking specifically about rumors of the "IPhone 8". They cover two interesting and very important topics of the device: the lack of a fingerprint sensor on the screen and, as a consequence of this, the inclusion of a 3D facial recognition sensor, which would replace the Touch ID in all directions (since unlocking device to make purchases using Apple Pay). But the rumors do not stop there, and the new information counters some recently published.

Clashing with analyst Blayne Curtis, Ming-Chi Kuo (who has great sources in Asia and gets a lot right when it comes to predicting the future of Apple products) stated that * all * the alleged new devices (iPhones "7s", ?7s Plus? and ?8?) come with 5W chargers (instead of 10W) ??and that only ?iPhone 8? comes with that integrated USB-C power delivery chip (and not all).


In addition, Kuo stated that all iPhones will come with a glass structure due to wireless charging (which works much better with this material than with aluminum, currently used) some rumors covered the possibility that the ?iPhones 7s / 7s Plus? basically the same as the current 7/7 Plus, with only internal modifications.

Regarding wireless charging, many of us speculate whether it would be a new, completely wireless, contactless method (that is, you would simply enter an environment equipped with the power adapter and the phone start to recharge) or if it would be what we know today, already widely used by competing manufacturers from Apple. For Kuo, Ma does use the same technology used today by other companies (Qi standard) and the charger will be sold separately.

Wireless charger example (Qi standard)Wireless charger example (Qi standard)

Finally, the analyst corroborated that the "iPhone 7s" have 2GB of RAM while the "7s Plus" and "8" would come with 3GB. All of them, however, would have faster DRAM (about 10-15%), largely due to the needs involving augmented reality.

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Analyzing this whole scenario, I was startled by the fact that the ?iPhone 8? could come without Touch ID integrated screen, without Touch ID and period. In my mind, it doesn't make sense to abandon technology that works so well and just arrived on the Mac, for example. But what I think matters little to Apple and the future of Ma's devices.

The fact: the rumors that previously covered interesting news (Touch ID integrated into the screen, possible wireless and contactless charging, etc.) gave a good slowdown. All these supposed news, together, would easily justify a third edition of the iPhone (in addition to the ?7s / 7s Plus?) to incorporate them; but if it all comes down to some one-off things like end-to-end display and wireless charging with contact (technologies that we?ve known, that have been on the market for some time, and that Apple can?t present in a way so different), it would not justify.

We must not forget that Apple ?handled? the traditional design change that it usually makes on its devices (every two years) when launching the iPhone 7 with the same look as its predecessors (iPhones 6 / 6s). This, without a doubt, helped to create even more expectations for the launch of a totally new model and full of news (which would be the ?iPhone 8?).

I can say with all certainty that I was never so curious to follow a launch like this, the ?iPhone 8?. Not only to see what will be launched, but also to follow the speech / justifications of the company in the use of certain technologies. Because if all that is desired and ventilated by confirming it (Touch ID on the screen, new way of loading and everything), fine; but if Apple does what we call basic, how to justify, for example, adopting the wireless charging used by the competition only years ago, in 2017? How to justify a Touch ID on the back or even a possible disappearance of it (at the moment the feature finally arrived on the Mac)?

For these and others, the next (?) Apple special event promises strong emotions!

via MacRumors