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Rudeness: OWC offers upgrade kit with 96GB of RAM for Macs Pro

In August last year, Other World Computing, as always, took the lead by saying that the latest Macs Pro supported up to 64GB of RAM. Currently, this option is already offered natively by Apple: in the Brazilian Online Store, for example, the top-of-the-line version of the tower (other than the server) comes with 6 combs of 1GB each, but can be equipped with up to 8 combs of 8GB each per only R $ 12,400.

Today, OWC went further and announced a new upgrade kit for Mac Pro users: they can now be equipped with up to 96GB (!) Of memory.

RAM upgrade for Macs Pro - OWC

Once again taking the top-of-the-line model of the Mac Pro as an example, this upgrade kit is worth a trifle of US $ 3,180 l outside the equivalent of just over R $ 5,000 (yes, her options are WELL more affordable). It consists of 6 combs of 16GB each by the way in the h, yet, how to equip the 8 slots for a total of 128GB of RAM, but as usual it's only a matter of time.

This new OWC kit can be installed on both 2009 Macs Pro (Nehalem) and those of 2010 (Nehalem and Westmere). Whoever wants to, of course, can opt for something more "modest" a 48GB package is for US $ 1,600 (~ R $ 2,600).