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Recent updates on the App Store: iTunes Connect, WhatsApp, Instapaper, Fantastical and more!

Below is a selection of some featured apps and / or games that were recently updated on App Store or on Mac App Store.

Today we have:


Sorry, app not found.

Addresses the issue where iTunes Connect could terminate unexpectedly when an app was tapped in ?Recent Activity?; fixes the issue where the status colors in ?Recent Activity? could update as expected.

WhatsApp Messenger app icon

Fixed a bug in which the application icon sometimes does not show the number of unread messages; if you're still having trouble with the notification sounds, upgrade to iOS 10.1.

Instapaper app icon

O Instapaper Premium it is now available free of charge to all users. Before, some of the best features were restricted to subscribers. Now, they have managed to offer everyone the best version of Instapaper. For existing users of the Instapaper Premium, proportional refunds of the current subscription are being offered and there will be no further charges. All users will continue to have an experience using the Instapaper application without displaying advertisements.

LastPass Password Manager app icon

LastPass now syncs your data for free across multiple devices.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch app icon

Use your favorite Photoshop brushes in Sketch for iPad or iPhone; complete redesign of the way we navigate through all documents and creative projects; new standard document sizes for digital resolution illustrations and for printing; d unleash your creativity with the same layer blending modes as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator; drafts can now be saved as PDF or Photoshop (PSD) files on Creative Cloud with all layers preserved; improving performance and stability.

Adobe Photoshop Mix app icon - Cut, combine, create

A simpler user interface; the new Brush, Lao and Shape selection tools give you more precise control; import SVG vector files as images raster to be able to edit them in the Mix; import images from your Google Photos account to edit in the Mix.

Adobe Photoshop Fix app icon

Smooth out wrinkles and rough contours automatically with the face recognition tool; control the color temperature using the new Warmth slider in the Adjust task; import images from your Google Photos account to edit on Fix.

Snapseed app icon

Improved consistency between the preview and the final image when using the filter HDR Scape, improvements to the user interface and bug fixes.

Google Slides app icon

Support for Bluetooth clicks in presentation mode, bug fixes and performance improvements.

Slack app icon

Performance improvements to make the Slack application more flexible; for those using VoiceOver, the three-finger swipe up / down movements have been corrected (a scroll gesture now shifts messages down and a swipe down scrolls messages up, as it should be); design improvements Quick Switcher for iPads (when using an external keyboard, the Quick Switcher can be invoked by shortcut K); support for keyboard shortcut K to quickly start a new Direct Message; lots of bug fixes!

Polymail app icon

Message tracking notifications now show the subject of the message; unread conversations now look more distinctive; several bug fixes.

Nubank app icon

Support notifications push of denied transactions.

Banco do Brasil app icon

BB Code improvements; Digital Account.

Sorry, app not found.

Possibility to follow other Vevo users to learn more about their activities on the app. You can add friends by looking for the Vevo username, connecting your Facebook account, or choosing from your recommendations. A new activity tab has also been added, where you can find out about releases from your favorite artists, playlists that someone liked, friend requests and more!

Medium app icon

Creating and rendering image grids: create image grids directly from the editor on mobile devices; translations into French, German, Italian and Turkish.

Nike Training Club app icon

Get training reminders when you're on a training plan, get notification when a new workout is featured and bug fixes.

Misfit app icon

Now supporting Misfit Phase Hybrid Smartwatch; Shine 2 users now have personalized notifications of light and vibration from the app; additional performance improvements for iOS 10 users.

The Weather Channel app icon: Forecasts

Plan to drive with our updated road condition map (plan your route around road hazards such as wet conditions, water accumulation, fog and more); radar maps (in addition to viewing 6 hours ahead with future radar, you can now adjust the speed of the radar animation, customize the radar transparency, etc.); Winter Storm Center to help you prepare for winter weather, such as snowstorms; performance improvements and bug fixes.

Smiles app icon


in Smiles

Compatible with iPhones

Version 2.93.0 (277.5 MB) Requires iOS 9.3 or superior

Including new partnership with Emirates.

Easy app icon, a Cabify app

Improved search for your address (insert the name of your current location and your destination that we automatically identify your location with our EasyLocus); Serbian Easy Economy 30% OFF in your runs (select the filter Easy Economy 30% on the main screen and the discount is automatically applied at the end of your run); no more bugs in Easy Corporate.

Tapatalk app icon - 200,000+ Forums

Forum owners can now update the forum logo and cover photo via the app; the forum guide has been revised to show the category description, as well as the ability to show stickies and messages; now we have advanced options which allow you to adjust the alert sound for each type of notification.

Lirum Device Info Lite app icon

New CPU warning when the phone is using 80% of it; new Bluetooth LE reader tool; new interface option for the tools menu (list vs. icons); data units can now be binary (base 2: 1kb = 1024 bytes) or decimal (base 10: 1kb = 1000 bytes); some Chinese translations have been corrected; several improvements and new features for the full version.

Lirum Device Info app icon

Same as the previous one, with much more improvements.

Real Racing 3 app icon

Make motorsport advance with a new 8-day special event featuring the revolutionary concept car: McLaren MP4-X; The Gauntlet returns in its 10th season, bringing the stylish new McLaren 570GT; three new series for a limited time with the Ferrari LaFerrari, the Ferrari 599 GTO and the McLaren 675LT win the three plus a lot of Gold; fully improve the McLaren P1 GTR, McLaren MP4-X and the Audi R8 LMS Ultra, chosen by the community, to unlock each new Exclusive Series.

Jetpack Joyride app icon

It is now possible to buy quick resuscitations at the end of a run; you can use up to three of them per game they slow down the game for a short period; it is now possible to buy advantages at the beginning of a run the purchase dialog will only be shown if you have more than 750 coins; the tokens appear earlier in a race and all rewards have increased.


Fantastical app icon - Calendar & Tasks

Compatibility with macOS Sierra (10.12); option to hide, show and resize the sidebar in the full calendar window; define a different standard calendar and reminder list for each calendar set; improved Facebook support (faster updates, accepting or declining invitations and setting alerts for future events); improved Office 365 login support for accounts that use two-factor authentication or a single login service; press and hover over the events overlaid on the daily or weekly view to quickly display more details; press + directional arrow to reschedule a selected event or reminder; support for mouse scrolling added in daily, weekly, monthly and annual views; added the option to notify the organizer of an Exchange invitation when deleting the invitation; various fixes and improvements.

LastPass Password Manager app icon

LastPass now syncs your data for free across multiple devices.

Sorry, app not found.

Now you can finally drag and drop emails to your Inbox, File, Trash, Spam, Lists or Read later You can also drag emails from the contact interaction bar; now you can edit your name and login at General preferences; several bug fixes.

Wallcat app icon

Multiple monitor support, performance improvements and more sharing options.

GIF Brewery 3 app icon by Gfycat

Share directly with Gfycat; login to your Gfycat account to view your library or upload it automatically; crop windows without worrying about other windows getting in the way; support for zooming in / out of the video without changing the size of the video; Added status menu icon for quick access to GIF Brewery 3.