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Primate Labs joins Macworld in benchmark testing of the new iMacs

hard to beat Macworld ready to publish benchmarks new Macs, but Primate Labs is never far behind. Today, there is a chart comparing the new machines with the exception of the Core i7 21.5-inch model with previous generations.

Overall, the new ?Sandy Bridge? iMacs are on average 25% faster than the previous ones, ?Lynnfield?, and up to 70% faster than the previous ones, the ?Wolfdale? (Core 2 Duo). In the list below, the Geekbench 2 data is in order from best to worst the higher the score, the faster the machine.

IMac benchmarks, via Geekbench

It is worth noting that the tests of the Geekbench tool take into account only the performance of processors and memories, discarding gains in graphics chipsets and storage devices.

Not bad, huh?