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PayPal CEO says he doesn't care about Apple Pay being a competitor

Several new features for the next operating system iGadgets, iOS 11, were presented at WWDC 2017. Among them, there is the possibility of sending money from person to person with the Apple Payusing iMessage. In the market, there are already several services and applications that offer this, but since this is a service of the Cupertino giant, perhaps the others are in imminent danger?

Dan Schulman, CEO of one of the largest online payment services, the PayPal, ruled out the possibility of Apple Pay being a major threat in the context of transferring money from person to person, as reported by the website The Telegraph.

Schulman is betting on the possibility of payments between different platforms, which his service offers in a practical and easy way unlike Apple Pay, which in principle would only work between Ma devices, since it is necessary to use his native messenger.

We are technological agents. Many individuals are (one) multi-operational system; they can have an Android phone, a Microsoft PC and an Apple tablet. You don't want a different payment platform for each of these things, you want consistency in that regard. We try to offer a consistent, end-to-end value proposition across different operating systems and device types. a powerful advantage that we have.

For those who do not know, in addition to PayPal, the company has an application called Venmo, which does just that: financial transfers between people in an easy way. The app already the most used to make this type of payment, see well in the United States. For now, the service is only available there.

We still don't know if, when iOS 11 is launched, the option of sending money to people via iMessage will already be working in all countries that have already received Apple Pay; if the answer is positive, it will certainly have a big impact as it allows the service to be used by people around the world (although only 16 countries are on the list).

On the other hand, if we look at it, PayPal has been operating in many places for years; if, like other services, the company is able to ?release? Venmo simultaneously in several countries, it may have a great chance of conquering this terrain.

In general, even though Schulman says that he doesn't care about that, just the fact of speaking out (a form of promotion), already proves that there is a certain discomfort, doesn't it? Even with the expansion of Apple Pay at a snail's pace, does anyone doubt Ma's power to gain space in this market? #reflict

via Patently Apple