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Parque Shopping Belém receives today inauguration of the second iPlace store in the capital of Pará

If you live in Belm (PA) and are familiar with Apple products or the habit of buying them (which I assume will prove to be true, considering that you are reading the MacMagazine right now), good news: as of today, the beautiful capital of Pará will win another Apple Premium Reseller.

THE iPlace he is just hours away from opening his second store in the state, located at Parque Shopping Belm.

iPlace Parque Shopping Belm (PA)

The new Herval Group store at 111 iPlace to be opened will have 160m and 18 employees for a shopping experience as close as possible to that offered by an official Apple store. The space, of course, has the entire line from Ma, from iPods to Macs Pro, passing through iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs and Apple Watches. It is good to remember, however, that the network as a whole is no longer we don't know) an Apple Authorized Service Center; that is, at least at first, the store does not offer technical assistance services, only the sale of products.

As it could not be otherwise, an opening promotion will offer iPhones 7 32GB for R $ 2,799, seen. If you are interested, good to run: the official opening of the store will take place in a little while, at 19h.

And for those from Natal (RN), today an iTown is also being opened there.