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OWC launches new RAM upgrade kits for iMacs and SSDs up to 480GB for MacBooks Air

Other World Computing (OWC) announced this week the availability of two new upgrade offers (1, 2) aimed at owners of the latest iMacs and MacBooks Air, the first one in memory; the second, solid state drives.

MaxRAM – Up to 16GB of RAM for the new iMacs

Current iMacs have four RAM slots, model 1333MHz PC3-10600 DDR3. With 4GB combs each, we reached the maximum 16GB promised by Apple, but OWC will soon test 8GB combs to see if the machines run at 32GB or not.

OWC - RAM upgrade for iMacs

Upgrade prices range from $ 105 to 8GB (double the original) to $ 208 for 16GB, both solutions using only 4GB combs. It is also possible to make a custom 12GB configuration, although it is most recommended to install RAM in pairs.

The 8GB comb models are currently missing.

OWC Mercury Aura Pro Express SSD for MacBooks Air

Promising to be up to 68% faster and offering up to 4x more capacity than before, these new drives are available in 180GB ($ 480), 240GB ($ 580), 360GB ($ 1,180) or 480GB ($ 1,580) versions. The high-end models still have prohibitive prices, but at least they are appearing and becoming popular around the world.

OWC - SSD Upgrade for MacBooks Air

The purchase of these SSDs for Airs already includes in the kit the tools necessary to carry out the exchange. All have a three-year warranty.