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On the way to the future: next stop? Foldable displays

At the end of 2008 we were already talking about Samsung's work with folding displays, and evidently a lot has evolved since then. This week, more up-to-date information about the progress of the South Korean manufacturer has emerged in this regard.

Researchers at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology have recently been able to develop an AMOLED touch-sensitive display that can be folded in half without leaving any visible crease better than paper.

Foldable displays

A prototype built in South Korea has already been tested for wear, in a cycle of more than 100 thousand folds and unfoldings. All that happened after that process was a 6% decrease in screen brightness, something virtually imperceptible to the human eye. The set consists of two AMOLED displays, silicone rubbers, protective glass layers and a modular case.

How long before something like that reaches mere mortals in consumer products? Samsung's current expectations are a year or two.

(via SlashGear)