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NVIDIA CEO believes that tablets will replace netbooks in five years (thanks to Tegra, of course)

At a conference held in Taiwan, NVIDIA CEO Huang Jen-Hsun spoke about what he expects from the computer and handset market in the coming years, placing enormous value on his Tegra technology. For the executive, tablets will continue to affect netbooks significantly, which is a favorable company, responsible for supplying the hardware used by some manufacturers in the sector.


However, what Huang most praises in NVIDIA's performance within the mobile segment is its current superiority over Intel. The Tegra platform is responsible for providing the best graphics performance on handsets and appears to have a promising future, thanks to its third generation, promised for the end of the year and capable of supporting tablets with Retina screens.

Although the Chipzilla have good plans to respond to the growth of competition, Huang shows an optimism very similar to that of ARM executives. For him, laptops based on the x86 architecture will be overtaken by products from NVIDIA and other British partners, but users will not notice the difference. "Customers don't care if their products use x86 or ARM-based processors," he said.

(via DigiTimes)