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NPD recognizes decline in PC sales, but does not think iPad is responsible

Led by the iPad, the tablet market is certainly booming and recent numbers show a decline in PC sales, but the NPD Group does not believe that both phenomena are directly interconnected.

Multiple iPads 2 with blue Smart Cover

To reach this conclusion, the NPD stated that only 14% of the first iPad buyers abandoned the purchase of a PC in favor of the tablet, which has dropped to 12% in another more recent survey. This would mean, therefore, that the acquisitions of these products would be ?incremental? for the consumer technology industry.

Stephen Baker, vice president of industry analysis at the NPD, believes that PC sales figures have fallen recently due to the explosion of the launch of Microsoft Windows 7 in 2009, which also caused a boom in the netbook segment (whose cannibalization by the iPad would also have dropped by 50% in the last few months).

Speaking specifically on the iPad, it is worth noting how much it as well as others iGadgets moves the accessories market: about 83% of its buyers also purchased an additional product for the tablet, cases being the most popular (and not only those of Apple).

Although sales of iPads restricted to Wi-Fi have grown 33% recently, those of models with Wi-Fi + 3G still account for two-thirds of the total.

(via Betanews)