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New Apple feedback program provides for periodic surveys to be sent to customers

O MacRumors received from some readers the information that Apple has started testing with a new quality program, dedicated to collecting user feedback on its products on regular periods through surveys sent by email. Called Customer Pulse, the project is in the tests, with few customers contacted via email about the possibility of testing it, while finalized.

Apple Customer Pulse

According to one of the readers who received the company's invitation, the program foresees sending up to two monthly surveys to its customers based on the products they have, containing questions about how their daily use is doing. The results will be seen only in aggregate, aiming to establish an average level of satisfaction. There may be questions that users will be able to answer freely, but the data reported will be kept confidential.

The Customer Pulse address has been on the air since January and the site was identified last month, but it remains closed to customers registered during the trial period. Still according to the MacRumors, Apple's new feedback program is being run by Social Technologies, a market research firm that has worked with Adobe on similar projects.