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New Apple commercial, narrated by Carl Sagan, brings the planet Earth as protagonist

Apple has had several cool ad campaigns in its history. One of them, without a doubt, the ?Clicked / Filmed with iPhone?. It is no wonder that, while both come and go, it lasts for some time. And today, she is back with the commercial ?Terra Filmed with iPhone?.

Featuring scenes filmed by several iPhone users, the commercial features the narration by Carl Sagan (excerpt from the book ?Plido Ponto Azul: A Vision of the Future of Humanity in Space?).

Written by Sagan himself in 1994, the book was inspired by photography of the Earth, 6.4 billion kilometers away, showing how our planet is a simple pale blue dot. In it, the scientist calls into question the need for us humans to understand the rarity of life-friendly resources, demonstrating how small our home is in an infinite universe.

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