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New app simulates iPhone 7 Plus portrait mode effect on other iPhone and iPad models

As you know, Apple is testing iOS version 10.1 and it will bring great news to iPhones 7 Plus: the new Portrait mode (Portrait), which uses both the camera's wide-angle and telephoto cameras to record photos of people or objects with a short depth of field, generating those very blurry backgrounds common to professional DSLR cameras.

Apple's own solution depends heavily on software, although it benefits from data obtained from two cameras, which makes the results obtained very good. But now there is an app that promises to do something similar using a single camera and, with that, be compatible with other models of iPhones (from the 5s) and even iPads.

FabFocus - Portrait Mode Blur app icon

O FabFocus, released today on the App Store by developer Secondverse, uses face detection in images to simulate the blurred background effect. That is, unlike the portrait mode of iOS 10.1, it really only works with people.

The example images themselves on the app page show that it is (far) far from perfect, but it should satisfy a lot of people. And there are even advantages over Apple's solution, like the possibility of you adjusting the bokeh and / or make fine adjustments to images with your finger.

This is the magic of the App Store: whenever possible, developers do what Apple refuses to do. Whoever wins, of course, is us. ?

(via The Loop)