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Netflix Sries App: 10 best series to watch on mobile

Watching shows and movies on your cell phone has become increasingly common, due to how good the screens have become. Therefore, we have selected the best Netflix app series for you!

If you want to check out our complete list, keep reading the article and see the best options for your smartphone!

1. The Witcher

If you want to watch Netflix series through the app, it's a good idea to consider The Witcher, one of the most watched international series in Brazil. It is based on a series of Polish books and video games of the same name.

It follows Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter, Yennefer, a mage, and Ciri, the princess with secret powers from one of the greatest kingdoms, Cintra. Throughout the first season, each has its own plot, but towards the end they end up meeting.

It takes place in a fictional medieval world, with each episode having individual stories, no matter how much the general plot continues. To watch this series, follow the link to Netflix right now!

The Witcher

2. Condemning Eyes

Another excellent series to watch, which entered the list of the most viewed series in 2019 Olhos que Condenam. It has a very heavy theme, based on real events, where five black teenagers were wrongly accused of raping and killing a woman in Central Park in 1989.

They were imprisoned for years, despite the lack of evidence, but eventually their innocence was discovered and they were released. They sued the city in 2003 and, in 2014, managed to reach a judicial settlement.

If you want to watch this rather controversial series, which has been nominated for several awards, head over to Netflix, where you can also watch movies.

3. Stranger Things

Everyone has heard of Stranger Things, one of Netflix's best teen shows to watch, which has become extremely famous since it was originally released. It has surprisingly good child actors and has three seasons to date, having been renewed for the fourth.

It takes place in a small fictional town, Hawkins, in the interior of the USA in the 1980s, making numerous references to films and media of the time. In this city, there is a laboratory conducting secret and illegal scientific research on the supernatural world, including testing on humans.

Accidentally, they created a portal to an alternative dimension, the World of Ponta-Cabea, from where monsters come to terrorize the population, abducting and killing children. To watch, go to Netflix, which also has one of the best apps for watching movies and series.

4. La Casa de Papel

La Casa de Papel another of the best Netflix app series to watch, of Spanish origin. It went viral a lot, mainly in our country, being very difficult that you do not know it.

It shows a very well-planned assault on the Spanish Mint, designed by the Professor and Berlin, men who recruited several experts in various areas to successfully carry out the crime.

In the first and second seasons, the focus is on the relationship between burglars and hostages. In the third, it shows what they are doing after that, and what led them to commit another robbery of the same size. Go to Netflix right now to see!

La Casa de Papel sries netflix app

5. The Good Place

One of the best comedy series of all time The Good Place, which follows several characters who die and go to paradise. The main one, Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell), a morally corrupt woman, who realizes that she ended up there by mistake.

To earn his place there, he asks for help Chidi Anagonye (William Jackson Harper), his twin soul, who is a university professor of ethics and moral philosophy, wanting to learn how to improve his personality.

To check this one, which is one of the easiest to marathon, follow the link to Netflix!

6. The Umbrella Academy

Another one of the best Netflix app series The Umbrella Academy, which is based on comic books – check out the best apps to read HQ – of the same name, where dozens of people with special powers are born on the same day, from women who were not pregnant .

Some of them are adopted by a billionaire who wants to save the world and raised as brothers. When this man dies, the brothers, who had distanced themselves, are forced to reconnect to unravel the mystery behind his death, in addition to preventing the apocalypse, predicted by one of them.

Check out this series through the link right now on one of the best streaming services.

7. Russian doll

Russian Doll is a series that makes use of a rather beaten premise, that of a character living in a time loop, but executes it in an innovative way. The protagonist, Nadia, relives the same days, always dying and trying to prevent this from happening.

It's really fun to watch this original Netflix series, which is also renewed for a second season. If you want to watch it, just follow the link!

Russian doll sries netflix app

8. Dark

Another of the best Netflix app series, which has its third season already scheduled among Netflix releases in 2020 Dark. It takes place in a small fictional German town called Winden, following several families from there, each with their own secrets.

These secrets are being revealed as tragedies happen, such as the disappearance of children. The main character, Jonas Kahnwald, tries to discover all the mysteries hidden there, in all seasons discovering more and more.

Check out the first two seasons through the link, on Netflix!

9. The End of the F *** ing World

Another excellent teen series, The End of the F *** ing World is an original Netflix series, of English origin. It is based on a comic of the same name and follows two teenagers: James, who knows how to be a psychopath and Alyssa, the girl he decided will be the first victim.

They end up dating, having ulterior motives for each other, but their plans are not right. Recently, the second season was released, and introduced a new character, Bonnie. Follow the link and watch now!

10. GLOW

The last series on our GLOW list, one of the most popular on Netflix. It tells a fictional story based on facts: a union of professional wrestlers in the 1980s.

Ruth is a theater actress who is having a hard time getting roles and, in 1985, participates in an audio for a show called GLOW. With several other women, she takes on one of the leading roles. Follow the link to watch through Netflix!

GLOW sries netflix app

So, what did you think of our list of the best Netflix app series?

Leave in the comments if you agree or disagree with our list of the best series to watch on mobile, saying if you think we should have included any other!