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MyScript Nebo app is a great solution for handwriting on your iPad Pro

O MyScript Nebo a good application for notes and excellent for transforming handwritten text into digital.

Nebo app icon - Take effective notes

Developed with a character recognition technology called Ink, the app requires a iPad Pro it is a Apple Pencil for adding information to your notes in the most convenient way possible.

Writing test in the Nebo app for iOS (iPads)

The organization of the notes is made by notebooks and, in addition to handwritten text, the application also allows the addition of diagrams, mathematical equations, photos and scribbles on each of the notes.

Mathematical equations in the Nebo app for iOS (iPads)

Mathematical equations in the Nebo app for iOS (iPads)

The screen is divided into two parts, keeping the navigation bar on the left side (with quick access to notebooks and their respective pages); on the right side we have the selected note. The pages are endless and you just slide your finger to add more white space for your notes. The tools for adding text, image, shape, in addition to the letter, color, etc. options. are available in a toolbar located at the top of the screen.

Diagrams in the Nebo app for iOS (iPads)

Diagrams in the Nebo app for iOS (iPads)

When opening the app for the first time, a tutorial presented with gestures that should be used to make using the app even faster and more productive.

After writing your text, converting it to digital text is very simple, just two taps on the screen. According to what you wrote in cursive, the application detects and presents in a top line, in gray, the correspondent in digital format. If that text is incorrect, just touch it to access a popup with other alternatives.

As the entire process of converting and recognizing the text occurs according to what you are writing, searches in your notes can be done even without the text having been converted. After the conversion, it is still possible to double-tap it and the application presents the larger information, still offering the option of editing (which must also be done by hand).

Despite needing a series of small corrections and improvements, Nebo is an application that deserves your attention and download. Even more free for a limited time! ?