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Months after disaster in Japan, component production in Asia is still compromised

Although the effects of the disaster in Japan on decomposing manufacturers have been covered extensively in the past few months, we are still far from seeing an end to the problems caused by the earthquake (and subsequent tsunami) in the local economy and other neighboring nations. Neither the small nor the large electronics companies felt very badly in the last quarter, but a certain concern still takes over them, who would be acting aggressively in the purchase of parts for their products due to the risks of low supply, according to the DigiTimes.

iPad 2 disassembled by iFixit - Tcharam!

More specifically, an installation by Foxconn dedicated to the production of the iPad 2 would already be suffering from the lack of materials and trained personnel to assemble Apple tablets. According to DigiTimes, these factors may hamper Ma's sales plans, which aimed to produce 7.5 to 9 million units of its main product.

In addition, problems at the component suppliers for the iPhone could also change the plans of the company, which was considered as capable of producing up to 22 million smartphones by the end of June. Although it still has a potential advantage over some competitors, the situation is worrying.

At Apple?s last financial results conference, it became clear that it would still be able to continue producing its computers and iGadgets no big problems, but the impact of new concerns on the Asian supply line could be negative in its expected performance for the year 2011. As the reports released are just speculation, wait and see.