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Just like MacBooks [Pro], disassembly of the iPad Pro 10.5 β€³ does not bring big news [atualizado]

Just over a week ago, Apple released several new hardware in the opening keynote of the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2017. And new Apple hardware has to go through the hands of iFixitof course, that tries to dismantle them and expose all their insides to the world.

We had good news analyzing the interior of the new iMac with Retina 4K screen of 21.5 ?, but not so many with the new MacBooks 12 ? and MacBooks Pro 13 ?. It's the 10.5 ? iPad Pro, although it was one of the highlights among the launches, it also does not bring major changes internally.

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Here are the highlights:

  • This iPad features a new model, the A1701.
  • The microphone that was next to the rear camera is now next to the front.
  • The cables that connect the logic board to the screen are now located at the bottom center, which makes it easier for anyone who needs to open this iPad. In order to support 120Hz, four connection cables are required. The previous 12.9 ? iPad Pro had only two.
  • The speaker chamber is a unique piece with the driver included, which facilitates any repairs.
  • Confirmed: there are two RAM chips LPDDR4 1.600MHz of 2GB, totaling 4GB of memory.
  • Unlike the first iPad Pro, this one does not come with tabs to pull and release the stickers that hold the battery to the housing. Negative point.
  • Speaking of the battery, it has 30.8Wh (8,134mAh, 3.77V) of capacity versus 27.91Wh for the 9.7 ? iPad Pro and 38.8Wh for the 12.9 ?.

IFixit gave this iPad a rating 2/10 in ?repairability?, since it is obviously not a device built with future repairs / upgrades in mind.

Update 06/14/2017 s 22:47

IFixit has now published a video detailing the entire process of teardown: