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Ivy Bridge, successor architecture to Sandy Bridge, will be launched by Intel only in mid-2012

Intel's successors to the current Sandy Bridge architecture are not expected to hit the market before March 2012, according to slides from roadmap of the company obtained by 9 to 5 Mac. In one, the availability of the first processors based on the Ivy Bridge architecture scheduled for the second quarter of next year, with the possibility of other changes along the way.

Intel Roadmap

The production of the new models is expected to start right at the beginning of 2012, delaying the previous forecast by a few months, in which the chips were foreseen for the end of this year. It is not known how much Apple will have to wait on the cake of the manufacturers: the favorable period in relation to its current routine of launches for the lines of Macs, which usually occur in the first semester.

Ivy Bridge processors will be the first to use the new technology tri-gate, making them equipped with three-dimensional transistors. Thanks to this, the chips are much smaller, more efficient and their thermal envelope allows them to equip different types of devices and computers.

On Intel's YouTube channel, a demo of the Ivy Bridge notebook is now available:

We'll see how much it affects Apple's plans