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ITC denies that Kodak infringed Apple patents

As well as determining that there were no Kodak patents being infringed by Apple, the International Trade Commission announced yesterday that it also found no irregularities on the opposite side of the process. Ma had sued its rival to protect imaging technologies employed on the iPhone, but the new court opinion also found no evidence of the accusation.

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The case was opened in May 2010 as a response to complaints that Kodak brought to justice earlier that year. In the investigation, Apple expected that its competitor's products would be banned from the market, which should not happen thanks to the ITC decision announced yesterday.

However, there are still ongoing processes between the two companies. On Kodak's part, a final judgment is expected for the end of next month and will not only cover complaints against Apple, but also against Research In Motion (RIM).

Kodak's hope is to profit more than $ 1 billion from the payment of damages related to the illegal use of its technologies.

(via AppleInsider)