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IPhone app works with metal detector in search of landmines

Researchers at Harvard University recently created a new project called PETALS (Pattern Enhancement Tool for Assisting Land Mine Sensing), which aims to save lives and prevent further damage in conflict (post-war) areas occupied by landmines.

The cool thing that the solution doesn't use is just a simple metal detector, but also an iPhone app; thus, the visualization of the underground space becomes more interactive and informative. The process of discovering and removing explosives becomes much faster (up to 80%, according to reports), safe and still relatively inexpensive.

iPhone searching for mines

On the smartphone screen, each item detected as metal can be analyzed so that it is certain whether it is dangerous or not, and whether it needs to be disabled or not. So far, many of these collaborators have simply relied on the sound emitted by conventional detectors.

To make things even better, the ease of use of the iPhone interface makes its implementation practically obvious and indispensable. Too much!

(via Gizmodo)