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iPhone 7 Plus is only fifth in the Consumer Reports smartphone ranking led by Galaxy S8 +

From time to time, Consumer Reports one of the most respected American publications dedicated to testing and classifying products from the most varied areas, it publishes its smartphone ranking to guide the consumer about the best options available on the market.

Today, the magazine revealed the most recent of its ratings and, as last time, Apple lost the first place for its current archrival in the world of mobile devices: the Samsung. To say that Ma simply "lost first place", however, is a mere euphemism, because the truth is that Cupertino's first smartphone on the list is in a dishonorable fifth place.

The latest ranking of CR was dominated, as expected, by Samsung's new eye-girls. O Galaxy S8 + won first place followed by his younger brother, the Galaxy S8 ?Common?, the publication praised the design almost devoid of edges of the devices, as well as the impressive curved screen and the performance of the camera that, according to them, should not at all and even surpasses the dual system of the iPhone 7 Plus (even with only one lens). Of course, the devices have not escaped criticism either, directed mainly at the positioning of the fingerprint reader and the ease of circumventing facial recognition.

O Top 5 completed by Galaxy S7 Edge, fur LG G6 and at iPhone 7 Plus, respectively, because the smaller iPhone 7 didn't even appear on the list to say ?Hi, remember me??.

That said, some things need to be taken into account. Obviously the ranking is comparing recent devices with a device almost a year old, the Galaxy S8 was announced in March, while the iPhones 7/7 Plus are from September last year, but it is good to remember that the Galaxy S7 Edge, which even more older than the most recent iPhone, surpasses the Cupertino device in the ranking; that is, no, we are not simply talking about a question of the "old" versus the "new".

And more: personally, I still haven't had the opportunity to be alone with the Galaxy S8 in a room, but from my brief ?tests? with the device in stores and borrowed from friends, you can see that Samsung has really done an impressive job, both both hardware and software.

My point: if Apple really wants to regain its position of primacy in the smartphone market, it will have to do more, much more than the bean-and-rice it has done recently when it comes to updating iPhones. The rumors of the "iPhone X" / "iPhone 8" are to prove that all is not lost, but even with it, I can't help feeling that Ma is running to simply take the time out of the years she was in, say, accommodated, instead of actually bringing something new as it has so often done over the past decade.

Of course, these are just my assumptions based on what we've seen so far. We will wait for the next few months and see what the future holds in store for us.

via 9to5Mac