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IPad Pro prices are adjusted in Brazil; Launched Macs and accessories are now available for purchase

Whenever Apple launches a new product, it takes advantage of its arrival to readjust the values ??in certain countries, when it does not change the price of the product itself, as it has been doing in many recent cases.

Today, as we reported, Apple has launched new Macs and iPads. Speaking specifically of Macs, we have had no change in the values ??themselves; what we had were replacements of old machines with new ones (for example, we now have two models of 21.5 ? iMacs with 4K screen instead of one yet, the value of this new iMac 4K is the same as the old one that it replaced).

Just to recap: the MacBook line goes from R $ 9,799 to R $ 11,899; the 13 ? MacBooks Air (which are on their way to death but have received new processors) go from R $ 7,499 to R $ 8,899; MacBooks Pro start at R $ 9,799 and go up to R $ 21,299; the new iMacs range from R $ 8,199 to R $ 21,299.

iPad Pro 10.5

Even with changes, we have in the iPad line, which saw the storage options jump from 32GB, 128GB and 256GB to respectively 64GB, 256GB and 512GB (first time we have a iGadget reaching this capacity)!

The prices of iPads 10.5 ? range from R $ 4,999 to R $ 8,399 before, in the 9.7 ? model, the variation was from R $ 4,999 to R $ 6,399. For the 12.9 ? model, prices now range from R $ 6,199 to R $ 9,599 before, ranging from R $ 6,299 to R $ 7,699.

The new iPads still need to be approved by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) to be sold in Brazil; Macs, no.

The new MacBooks and MacBooks Pro have a delivery time of 1 to 2 weeks; iMacs, in turn, vary from 2 to 3 weeks.

New iPad accessories

Smart Covers continue to cost the same thing; O Smart Keyboard for the 10.5 ? model it is R $ 1,049 (the accessory for the old 9.7 ? tablet costs R $ 999).

Leather Case for iPad Pro 10.5

The news is leather case for iPad Pro (with space for Apple Pencil), which costs R $ 849 (iPad Pro 10.5 ?) or R $ 999 (iPad Pro 12.9 ?), and a pencil case, which costs R $ 179.

Apple Pencil Case

New accessories for Macs

Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad

For Macs, the only new accessory launched was the Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad, which costs R $ 899 (R $ 150 more than the model without a numeric keypad).

The old wired numeric keypad model was discontinued by Apple.

New Apple Watch straps

The Nike bracelets that were recently released (light violet / white, violet / plum, orbit blue / gamma blue and obsidian / black) and were on sale in the online store of the sports company are now also available at Apple, for R $ 299 ( same value as other sports).

Nylon weft diversity bracelet for 38mm box

In addition to it, Apple added the colors of fog blue, plen and flamingo for the sports bracelets (R $ 299), the sunflower color for the classic clasp bracelet (R $ 999) and launched the nylon weft diversity bracelet (R $ 299) which is exclusive to Apple and can only be purchased at the company's store (physical or online).

The values ??quoted are for payments up to 12x; for cash payments, there is a 10% discount.