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iOS Foundation Program: Apple wants to expand training courses in Italy

As announced at the beginning of the year, the Apple inaugurated its first IOS App Development Center in Europe. The center is located on the San Giovanni campus of the University of Naples Federico II (Italy), and who was at the opening ceremony representing Apple was its vice president of environmental, political and social initiatives, Lisa Jackson.

During his speech to the first class of the course that was recorded on video by the Italian website , Jackson said 200 vacancies were made available free of charge with the help of Apple's $ 11 million investment. The course lasts 9 months and 100 students have already started last Thursday (6/10). In 2017, 400 places will be offered for this course.

Ma plans to take a smaller version of the course, with reduced timetable, to five other universities in the Campania region. Called iOS Foundation Program, the program is 3 to 4 weeks old and starts with 800 students. Despite having commented on few details, Jackson reveals that the program intends to introduce the iOS ecosystem to beginning students, bringing them the fundamentals of development for the platform.

Congratulations to the first group of students from iOS App Developer Academy from Apple in #Napoli Federico II. Do what you love. #uninaIT

For now, the iOS Foundation Program operate only in Italy. However, it is possible that, if proven successful, it will extend to other countries. Apple has been increasingly interested in new developers for its platform, trying to reach even children with its new Swift Playgrounds app. In this excitement, it would be great if we could see some kind of program here also in Brazil because we have great talents here.

Errata: In fact, we already have BEPiD in Brazil, which is a program in partnership with various educational institutions in the country to transform students into iOS developers.

(via MacRumors)