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Intel does not bet chips on MacBooks with ARM processors

You will understand, these companies just came up with the rumor of a MacBook Air with A5 chip, which what had been said the day before has already come to naught: for Intel, Apple will not put an ARM processor inside their laptops.

MacBooks Air aside

At least in the short-term, the Chipzilla is confident that Apple will bring no surprises in its chip supply partnership for Macs.

"We are very closely aligned with Apple," said Tom Kilroy, Intel's head of marketing. ?Today we have our best design teams working with their best design teams. So we are very comfortable that we have a great collaboration ahead of us. ?

Everything is very beautiful, but in the capitalist world in which we live, no giant beast is enough to bet its chips on a technology without having at least a "plan B". Much less Apple, after what happened with delays in advances with IBM / Motorola chips (especially in the G4 / G5 phase).

I have no information on that, but I was able to put my hand on the fire and say that Apple is at least testing Macs with ARM chips in their labs. If these models will one day reach us, there are already another 500.

(via CNET News)