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In rumors about the adoption of ARM chips on Macs, those with silicon wounds, with silicon will be hurt

Amid the dawn caused by the rumor that Apple may be preparing a new transition for Macs, this time from Intel's x86 processors to ARM, an interesting article from Ars Technica about the war between these two architectures. To shorten the story, I ask: do you remember what happened to the PowerPC processors? Well, what Intel did to them may be the same as ARM does to Intel.

The following happens: the architectures employed by Chipzilla they are very good for powering machines that need raw power, but ARM processors are more efficient at performing light tasks and (which is very important) cost less. Looking at this scenario from a distance, it is possible to see similarities with the dispute between the x86 architecture and RISC, which is much more expensive and is normally used in busier workstations.

To beat Intel, ARM does not need to make better chips; just that they are good enough. Combine this analogy with computers and tablets such as trucks and passenger cars, and we have to make this transition not only possible, as it is very likely not to say almost certain.

We also take into account that, in two or three years, notebooks may have practically turned into tablets (and vice versa), so that we will not necessarily see a ?transition?, but a change of preferences: instead of using Mac OS X on a MacBook, most users will be able to adopt iOS on the iPad. Except that, from now on, we may not even be able to differentiate one pair from the other.

(via MacRumors)