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In an interview, Apple executives talk about the future of iPads, the news of the new Pros and mention the… end of the mini?

In 2010, as soon as the first iPad was launched, the tablet market was growing at an alarming rate. Over time, however, this has diminished and is as we see today, in constant decline.

We do not know if it was due to this fall or some other major objective, but the fact that more and more Apple has raised the flag that the iPad will take part in the place of computers. I say "part" because Ma always makes a point of remembering that there is still a market for computers now, she just updated practically the whole line of Macs, right? However, there is an appeal from the company showing that it is possible to do basically everything that was done before on PCs, now on iPads.

For those who think that this new idea, part of the new management of the company, is wrong. As the BuzzFeed, Steve Jobs himself, in an interview six months after the launch of the iPad, said that ?PCs would be like trucks? (that they would still be around, would still be valuable, but would be used by fewer and fewer people).

Pro iPads with accessories

In an interview with John Paczkowski, Craig Federighi (check for Apple software) and Phil Schiller (marketing mandachuva) talked about the news announced yesterday in the opening keynote of the Worldwide Developers Conference 2017 (both the iPads Pro and the operating system, what Federighi called "the biggest iPad launch they have ever made").

"We want the iPad to be an even better primary computing device for those who want it that way," said Schiller.

"The 10.5-inch (iPad) crosses that really interesting limit," said Federighi. ?By reducing the edges, we were able to maintain a size that is optimal for holding in bed while reading, but also having a full-size keyboard. The size of the keyboard is deceiving, because when you put your hands on it and start typing, you immediately feel ?oh yeah, now I can type exactly like on my Mac?. ?

Apple Pencil on iPad Pro with iOS 11

One of the great news of the new iPad Pro something called "ProMotion". With it, the refresh rate on the device's screen reaches 120Hz (more than 4K TVs). In comparison, the previous generation of iPads reached 60Hz. The result is a more fluid and detailed reproduction of any content on the screen (video, system animations such as zooming in on a photo, etc.), as well as faster responses to the touch of both the finger and the Apple Pencil.

Although it has now been revealed, executives say that ProMotion technology was discovered four years ago and all this time they spent perfecting a chip to support it.

Federighi says:

We built some early prototypes to experience touch with super low latency, in a 120Hz display, connecting them to major engineering platforms connected to Macs Pro. The touchscreen experience was incredible. It was as if the screen was directly attached to your finger.

It was a huge and multifunctional effort. There is hardly an engineering team that did not contribute to this and I think we were successful. I know we use the word ?magic? a lot, but that's how I feel about this technology.

ProMotion on iPad Pro

Still in the field of quick responses from the iPad, the Apple Pencil and its interaction with devices has also been improved thanks to machine learning, which allows you to "predict" the path it will take.


We really plan the next frame where we think Pencil is going next, so he draws it when you get there, instead of doing it after you've been there.

Along with the new hardware, Apple released an update to its operating system focused on the iPad, something users have been asking for a while. That is, in that the previous systems were unsuitable for the tablet, however there was a range of possibilities that Ma had not yet explored with drag and drop, a file management system and a Dock present almost all the time. Apple seems to have heard feedback from users.

The general question, then, would be in relation to the role of each device: the iPad Pro, with its great news, and the Macs. And the executives did not go back on the idea that each has its place.

"Simple, really," said Federighi. ?There is a product that you hold in your hand, designed for direct handling. And there is a product that you use on your table, designed for indirect handling. When you take these ideas to their fullest expression, when you extend the reach, there will inevitably be some overlap. But, ultimately, people will choose the one that is most attractive for what they want to do. ?

Returning to Jobs' statement, Paczkowski asked if, perhaps, the iPhone had not taken the place of iPads in the sense of becoming the ?main? computing device of people today. Executives believe the claim is still current.

"Not wanting to add to the analogy, but in doing so, I think there is room for a car, a path and something that overlaps both," said Schiller. ?The smartphone is our main mode of digital transport. Our browser, our communication device, our camera is with us at all times. But can he make a more elaborate film or create an app? Of course not. For tasks that need more power like these, you need a path, you need a Mac. ?

"The iPad offers something unique between the two," concluded Schiller. ?Like a vehicle crossover. And in the vehicle world, crossovers are growing dramatically ?.

Perhaps this is, finally, the real iPad ?Pro? that the company wanted to deliver to its audience; as Jobs liked to say, "a perfect integration of hardware, software and services".

And the iPad mini, cad?

With all the pride surrounding the announced iPads, you certainly must have wondered what happened to the iPad mini. I mean, since he didn't get any updates, we might think that the little one would have been discarded by Apple, right? Wrong. I mean, yes and no

iPad mini 4 held with one hand

On his Twitter, Paczkowski published an excerpt from the interview that didn?t enter the subject of BuzzFeed. In it, Schiller clearly declares that the future of the iPad is on the 9.7 ? screen, that the mini would remain available, even without receiving an update, for those who still prefer this type of screen (after all, the market will always exist , however small it may be).

With your tweet it went off the air shortly after, I suppose there is a reason why the statement was not published and that Apple quickly tried to ask for the quote to disappear from the face of the earth.

Analyzing the facts: if anyone wants an iPad with a good cost / benefit and smaller size, they may well buy the iPad 9.7 ? it has many more features and even cheaper than the iPad mini 4. And, if you prefer one bigger device, there are the bigger versions of iPad Pro.

So, as we already talked about here, there is a very strong basis for arguing that the iPad mini will no longer receive hardware updates and, consequently, be discontinued sooner or later. ?

via TechCrunch