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iMac Slipper is a cover for the base of your iMac, perfect for those who are attentive to details

I venture to say that not even covers / cases for gadgets can be considered necessary (good and recommended to have, but * necessary *, definitely not alone), let alone one for the base of your iMac.

Well, meet the iMac Slipper, which has just been released by the hard graft:

iMac Slipper - hard graft

As well as other products from the manufacturer that we have already highlighted here on the website (1, 2), this one also combines the use of grafting with leather, providing a different and medium look in a ?farm? style.

iMac Slipper - hard graft

Despite its name, the iMac Slipper is compatible not only with 24-inch and 27-inch iMacs, but also with Apple Cinema Displays. It costs 30 euros (just under R $ 70).

(via FSMdotCOM)