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ICloud's $ 10 plan now offers 2TB of storage; spaces can be shared by families

Apple didn't say any of that yesterday, at the 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) opening keynote, but made two major changes to the subscription plans for the iCloud.

First of all, bad news: anyone who doesn't want to pay anything remains restricted to the usual 5GB. Apple refuses to increase the free space and, frankly, nowadays it is simply impossible to even think about using iCloud s with 5GB in the cloud.

Now, what's new and good: first, iCloud's $ 10 monthly plan had its capacity doubled from 1TB to 2TB. As a result, the 1TB plan no longer exists (nor the $ 20 monthly option); we continue with 50GB for $ 1 monthly and with 200GB for $ 3 monthly. I honestly think it would be easy to put the 1TB for $ 5 monthly, but I digress

Another big news that, starting with iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra, the 200GB and 2TB plans can be shared by a family! Here at home, for example, I already paid $ 3 / ms for 200GB and another $ 1 / ms for 50GB for my wife. As I use just over half of my plan, I can easily cancel hers and share those 200GB between us.

We are moving forward.