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Governor Geraldo Alckmin shows optimism regarding the production of iPads in São Paulo

During the visit of Prince Albert II of Mnaco to So Paulo, the State Governor, Geraldo Alckmin, showed confidence in the installation of assembly lines for iPhones and iPads in Brazil. ?We are optimistic that there will be production in the State of So Paulo. But we will wait for the last understandings and make this announcement together with Foxconn ?, he said.

Foxconn logo and Brazilian flag

The name of the city that will receive Foxconn's new installations in Brazil remains on the air, and an official announcement of the partnership (pending only regarding the ?latest understandings?) remains without a certain date to occur. The start of production, however, seems to have been pushed from November to September. That would certainly increase the chances of iPads Assembled in Brazil arrive in stores in December.

Earlier today, we commented that local production of iPads could reach 6 million units a year and that about half a dozen cities are disputing the sympathy of the Taiwanese automaker; Jundia (SP) the most listed, for now.