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Gianfranco Lanci, former CEO of Acer, talks about his company's slowness in the mobile market

After losing his position as CEO of Acer at the end of March, Gianfranco Lanci talked to Ina Fried, from AllThingsD about the factors that culminated in his departure from one of the largest PC manufacturers in the world. According to the ex-CEO, it was a matter of lack of vision in his, but in the board.

Acer Gianfranco LanciGianfranco Lanci, former CEO of Acer

In the face of competition from smartphones and tablets, Lanci intended to orchestrate significant changes at Acer, including a major expansion in the company's engineering team and a shift of focus outside Taiwan, something that would not have pleased the directors. Now, Lanci hopes that time will prove who was wrong although we will never know what would happen to Acer if he had stood up.

However, the company imagines that the future with him would not be promising: in response to this interview, Acer stressed that, under Lanci's command, his performance in the smartphone market was suffering and that, for two consecutive quarters, the results of the company fell short of expectations and with no explanation from the CEO.

Well, while they play Blame-Game, other companies are working.

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