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Gartner: time passes, time flies, and the price of SSDs is dropping nicely!

MacBook Air 32GB SSD Flash

In possession of the results of a study conducted in late April, Gartner made an estimate that the prices of SSDs (Solid State Drives, or solid state drives) are expected to drop 30% over 2011 and another 36% in 2012.

With that, next year the final cost of these drives should reach the ideal level of less than US $ 1 per gigabyte, which will be enough to meet the needs of consumers. This drop in prices is due to the growing production of NAND flash memory to serve the gadget market such as smartphones and tablets.

The use of SSDs in traditional computers has proved to be quite advantageous, due to the much higher speed of them compared to traditional HDDs. When it comes to notebooks, the difference is even more relevant, since solid state drives allow the construction of more compact machines that consume less energy like the latest generation of MacBooks Air.

However, until now the price was the major impediment in the use of SSDs, so much so that in 2010 they represented not even 8% of the total bits produced in NAND memories. By 2012, however, that should change, with their share doubling to 15.9%.

(via Macworld)

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