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Foxconn in Brazil: Taiwanese want to speed up project while engineers are sought in Jundiaí

Foxconn in JundiaMany people are keeping an eye on Foxconn's plans to start producing iPads in Brazil: the government of So Paulo is optimistic, while investors predict millions of iGadgets being manufactured here and even more investments, aiming to make the country one of the centers for exporting Apple products to the world. If the rumors are right, we will have more exciting news ahead: according to Folha de S. Paulo, the Taiwanese want government help to start their new jobs here as soon as possible.

This rumor suggests that a letter would have been sent by Foxconn chief Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, informing her of a decision to accelerate the start of operations for July. Other influential politicians in the State of So Paulo and members of the government, including the Minister of Science and Technology Aloizio Mercadante, would also be negotiating guarantees that the iPad assembly line will be ready in São Paulo and in a short time.

In Jundia, in the interior of So Paulo, the Foxconn project for the benefit of Apple gained the optimism of more politicians and strong attention from the local press. O Jundiaí Newspaper says that vacancies for 40 engineers were opened by the Taiwanese in the municipality, facilitating the leakage of information about the attempt to choose the city to host the iPad production line. According to the rumor, the selected candidates are expected to spend three months in training in China, making it more difficult for them to be involved in the Ma project before July.

(tip from Renato Anholon)