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For the first time since leaving Apple, Scott Forstall will talk about the genesis of the iPhone

The output of Scott Forstall Apple fell like a bomb in late October 2012.

He had worked at the company since 1997 and was instrumental in creating the iPhone, leading his entire software department starting with the iPhone OS and later culminating in iOS. In 2011 he was elected the second most creative executive by Fast Company, in 2012 he was Apple's greatest inventor and came to be considered as the company's future CEO.

After he was fired from Apple, Forstall practically disappeared from the map most likely due to an agreement signed with the company. It was only in 2015 that he reappeared on the media, co-producing a Broadway play. At the time he spoke quickly and politically about Apple, but it will be next week that the executive will really bring interesting stories and curiosities about the genesis of the iPhone.

Yes, taking advantage of the celebration of the ten years of the smartphone's arrival on the market, Forstall agreed to be interviewed by John Markoff, former technology reporter of the New York Times and today historian of Computer History Museum Mountain View by the way, one of the coolest visits we make on our MM Tours. ?

Original iPhone and iPhone 7 side by sideOriginal iPhone next to an iPhone 7.

The chat will take place at a special event about the creation of the iPhone scheduled for the night of next Tuesday, June 20, at the CHM itself. Hugo Fiennes, Nitin Ganatra and Scott Herz, former Apple engineers who worked on the first generation of the smartphone, will also participate.

If Forstall speaks now, it means that any confidentiality agreement he signed with Apple has now expired. Able that he has a lot of nice things to speak for there, and we will be connected (remotely, of course a pity) to tell all of this to you here on MacMagazine. We also hope that they film the interview and make it available on the web.

via MacRumors