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Events created on Facebook get their own app

If you use Facebook events, know that you are among the 100 million people who use the resource daily. Although it looks like a large number, it ends up becoming small if we consider the current base of 650 million users.

Most likely to try to attract more users, the Facebook launched last Friday (7/10) the application Events, focused solely and specifically on events published on the social network.

Facebook Local app icon

The Events app allows you to keep track of events you?ve already planned to attend, as well as meet in a feed all the events of your friends and the pages you follow. With the help of a map, it is possible to view events that happen near you, being able to filter them by day and / or area of ??interest (for example, music, theater, art, etc.). With the app, it is also easier to find new events directly in the search bar.

In addition to the normal features like creating, managing and tracking events, you can sync other calendars like Google's or iCloud's and view them directly in the app, in order to prevent you from scheduling events at a time that you already have an appointment.

Fortunately, the Events application will not be mandatory if you want to use the function (as they did with Messenger); you can still continue to use events on the main Facebook app, although the features on it are more limited.

A great note about the app was made by The Verge, who recalled the great possibility that Facebook could make Events something more focused on commercial use.

This also gives the company a better chance of making money from it. Messenger already offers several ways to ecommerce It is likely that, over time, Events will be able to offer it too. There is no option to purchase tickets in the app yet, but the fact that they make an app just for that may be a strong suggestion that something like this is coming soon.

The application is currently available for free only on the American App Store. According to Facebook, soon the app will also reach Android devices.