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Electronics makers expect even smarter cell phones thanks to new sensors

Much of the ?intelligence? of cell phones is not found in the fastest processors in existence today, but in the different sensors used by manufacturers in the most diverse tasks. Apple brought some of them to its smartphones, including accelerometer, gyroscope and light and proximity sensors; in turn, Google partners also innovated by presenting compass and barometer. Together, they are all being used for the benefit of the user, who today can, with what he has in his pocket, do many more things than ever before.

<img class = "lazy lazy-hidden aligncenter size-large wp-image-139453″ title=”IPhone 4 screen” data-lazy-type=”image” src=”×364.jpg” alt=”IPhone 4 screen” width=”600″ height=”364″ />

However, innovation with sensors is expected to grow a lot in the future. In an interview with New York Times, a manager at STMicroelectronics, Benedetto Vigna, said he was excited about the new types of electronic components that should equip future gadgets, putting more power in the hands of developers to create useful / fun applications in users' daily lives .

Improvements to location services can be obtained through altimeters, used to identify at what altitude in relation to the sea level, but with a level of precision capable of determining its position in relation to other people if it is, for example, at the top of a building.

Other sensors, designed to identify users' heart rate and emotional state, will help to adjust apps and games according to their mood or physical abilities. Humidity and temperature sensors will help to control the operation of the device and prevent damage.

In the near future, Vigna believes that smartphones will even be able to learn the lifestyle of their owners, so that sensors can be used to enable / disable features when recognizing that the devices are not in use. "This is also used a lot to deal with banks securely," he says.

(via MacRumors)