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Discover the iBike Dash cases, which turn the iPhone into a cycling accessory

iBike DashThe iPhone itself is an extremely useful device. Add apps and accessories to it, and you create a machine capable of just about anything! It can, for example, become an on-board computer for bicycles, something we have seen in products from USBfever and Pedal Brain.

Now, Velocomp has come to warm up this market with its line of special iBike Dash cases. They, like so many others, serve to protect your gadget (even being waterproof) and fix it to your bicycle, but they are not limited to that.

Equipped with electronic components such as an ANT + receiver and speed sensor, the iBike Dash cases can complement the information that the smartphone collects. Combined with the free app iBike (2.3MB; requires iOS 3.0 or higher), they get even better: from map registration to sending your performance by email, it greatly expands the possibilities of your cycling routine.

There are two models for sale in the Apple Online Store in the United States: a simple one, for US $ 200, and a Deluxe one, for US $ 330, which also includes a cardiac monitor, a cadence sensor and an external battery for the iPhone. Anyone who dispenses with electronic components can opt for an iBike Phone Booth case, sold for $ 70 on the Velocomp website.

(via Cult of Mac)