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Discover 18 amazing Chrome extensions for WordPress

A great way to enhance your WordPress experience is to use extensions available on the Chrome Web Store.

The extensions of Google Chrome for WordPress make the daily lives of those who use this platform much more practical. With them, it is easier to detect technical information from other blogs, get shortcuts to any dashboard with a simple click and more. To facilitate your choice, we here Showmetech we have prepared a list with 18 of these plug-ins that you have to know.

WordPress Site Manager

Excerpt from the WordPress Site Manager area in the Chrome Web StoreWordPress Site Manager is a good option for those who wish to store information

After adding WordPress Site Manager to your browser, send the details of your website and start managing it. And, if you need to manage multiple pages that use WordPress, know that with this extension you can edit and make various adjustments and basic changes for it.

WP Sniffer

Excerpt from the WPSniffer area in the Chrome Web StoreFind themes with WP Sniffer

Have you ever wondered what theme of a website or blog you like? O WP Sniffer – as its name suggests, in English – an extension that detects which WordPress theme is used on the website you visit. very simple to use, just install the extension and start exploring all your favorite sites. In addition, this tool also detects active plug-ins and any custom work.

What Runs

Excerpt from the Whatruns area in the Chrome Web StoreWhatRuns is great for identifying technical information on a website or blog

Do you want to know more about a website in terms of analysis tools, structures, WordPress plug-ins, fonts and more? Perhaps the WhatRuns be exactly everything you needed.

It is perfect for detecting the technical information of a specific blog or website. And anything from developer tools to advertisements, themes and plug-ins. In addition, when subscribing, you are even notified when the sites you verified use new or remove old technologies.

WordPress Plugins Search

Excerpt from the WordPress Plugins Search area on the Chrome Web StoreFind the best plugins with this Google Chrome extension

O WordPress Plugin Search is an extension of Chrome that replaces the standard search with the search engine from and is thus able to obtain, in addition to traditional plug-ins, plug-ins from and

After installing it, it is possible to obtain smart filters to improve the search experience, an instant test drive of the plug-in, in addition to additional information.

Scan WP

Excerpt from the Scan WP area in the Chrome Web StoreScan WP helps to identify topics that may have caught your attention

O Scan WP is an extension of Chrome capable of detecting themes and also providing details about any specific WordPress site. In addition, it gives access to other additional information, such as traffic estimate and keywords classified by main competitors in the ranking. A useful tool for basic competition check-up.

WordPress Admin Bar Control

Excerpt from the WordPress Admin Bar Control area in the Chrome Web StoreIt seems obvious, but this extension helps to hide the navigation bar from the WordPress administrator

If you want to hide your website's administration bar, the WordPress Admin Bar Control the obvious choice. The WordPress Bar Control hides your admin bar so it doesn't distract you or disturb the blog or website's aesthetic.

After installing it, you get the orange browser button which, when you click on it, hides your administrator bar. Another click enough for the desirable or undesirable administration bar to return to the screen.

WordPress Admin Switcher

Excerpt from the WordPress Admin Switcher area in the Chrome Web StoreLog in without complications with WordPress Admin Bar Control

O WordPress Admin Switcher a great tool for those desirous of practicality at the time of login. What it does is skip the manual steps where typed wp-admin to log in to your site and instead use a keyboard shortcut to log in or switch to the WordPress administrator.

WordPress Dashboard Shortcut

Excerpt from the WordPress Dashboard Shortcut area on the Chrome Web StoreMake it easy to navigate WordPress with this extension

O WordPress Dashboard Shortcut It is a great tool, especially if you make use of several WordPress sites. After all, a shortcut to any dashboard with a simple click.

After installation, just click on the icon in the upper right corner of your browser and it will instantly open your website's login page, without you having to enter it manually.


Excerpt from the LastPass area on the Chrome Web StoreLastPass is a good extension to help manage passwords

As the name says, the LastPass: Free Password Manager It is a free add-on for Password Manager, for you to save in one place or generate a new and secure password in a practical way whenever you are accessing Chrome.

And that is not all that this tool does. D to save credit cards and shopping profiles or create a master password and use it on all the sites you want to log in to.

There is even a Premium option that allows you to use mobile applications, emergency access and priority technical support, among other facilities.


Excerpt from the CollorZilla area on the Chrome Web StoreWith a dropper, you can easily identify a color that catches your eye

ColorZilla an extension of Chrome to obtain a color reading from any point of the browser, adjust them quickly and even put it in another program. With it, you can easily read the color code on various websites, even if they are not made in WordPress, using the dropper feature.

In addition, the ColorZilla comes with useful features like recent color history, automatic copying of colors selected in a clipboard and also what they call the Palette Viewer, with seven pre-installed palettes. Other features, like an automatic gradient generator, are also a bonus.

Google Dictionary

Excerpt from the Google Dictionary area in the Chrome Web Store It is easy to ask questions with this extension of Google Chrome with a special focus on translating more than 16 languages

O Google Dictionary Without a shadow of a doubt, one of those essential tools, regardless of your role in a blog. It helps to find the meaning of the foreign words immediately in the right corner of your browser.

Just double click on any word to see its definition and that's it! And don't stop. This extension also supports 16 languages ??and automatically translates them into the language of your choice.


Excerpt from the Grammarly area in the Chrome Web StoreGrammarly helps with possible grammatical doubts that may arise when writing content for the internet

the best way to review your writings in the post, in a document, on Social Media – all in one place. Grammarly for Chrome It is a mandatory extension that checks spelling and grammar quickly and easily. All you need to do is register your account and start improving your writing.

And, as in common software, the Grammarly for Chrome it works by underlining the errors you can replace with the correct word by double-clicking it. Use this tool to create better and more correct content on your blog or WordPress site. For now, this useful tool is only available for the English language, which, in a way, is still a tremendous help, after all.

Express Curate

Excerpt from the ExpressCurate area in the Chrome Web StoreExpressCurate is a tool to increase the production of blog content, for example

O ExpressCurate it looks magic, but not. He finds content similar to what you want to write. It works like this: define the keywords you want to track and the plug-in searches for pages to suggest you. You can create posts with more data on the topic.

You need to connect to your blog by typing the exact URL of your blog's administrator login and then your username and password, and you need to have the ExpressCurate WordPress plug-in enabled for this extension to work.


Excerpt from the Fireshot area on the Chrome Web StorePablo is a great tool to enhance images and content for social networks

Do you want to make more interesting photos? Pablo maybe it's the perfect extension for that. just select an image or a piece of text on a page, access this tool with the right mouse button and Pablo will be available in a new tab. From the simple, or not so much, as his mission is to choose from more than 500,000 images that he suggests to create impressive visuals.

Initially, it was created to help create content to share on social networks, but Pablo has ambitious plans. You can now create quotes or advertisements, for example.


Take screenshots with FireShotFireShot great for screen capture already in your browser

FireShot helps to take screenshots, whether specific elements or full screen. Another nice bonus, in addition, the possibility to save them in various formats with included links.

Why use the old way of printing the cut / copy / paste steps when you can do all of this instantly and directly in the Chrome browser? When you are satisfied with your capture, you can save the image as .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp or .pdf and add text and comments. In addition, you can even edit screenshots by cropping, resizing or applying other effects, if necessary.

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

Excerpt from Ahrefs SEO Toolbar on Chrome Web StoreNot exactly suitable for WordPress, Ahrefs is a great tool for monitoring SEO

O Ahrefs SEO Toolbar It is not exactly a complement to WordPress Chrome, but extremely beneficial if you are trying to position yourself in search engines. This is because it is a tool that provides valuable SEO metrics, such as domain rank, traffic search, organic search, number of keywords or rank and difficulty.

To use it, you need to have an active Ahrefs account and be able to access some of the most essential SEO information directly in your browser.

Keywords Everywhere

Excerpt from KeywordEverywhere in the Chrome Web StoreKeywords Everywhere is a great tool for measuring keywords

Speaking of SEO, we cannot leave out this extension that is truly useful. O Keywords Everywhere a free keyword research tool that provides information like monthly search volume, CPC and competition data for your keyword list on more than 15 sites, such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Moz, Ubersuggest and Amazon .

This extension also allows you to download these keyword metrics as a list in Excel, CSV or PDF file formats, for further analysis.

Related Content by Zemanta

Excerpt from Related Content by Zemanta's Chrome Web StoreRelated Content is perhaps the most complete extension for WordPress

O Related Content by Zemanta It is not just an extension, as it works for virtually all major CMSs and is very popular. The reason? It helps you find interesting links, articles, images and tags to include while you write. This extension uses trusted sources like Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube, Getty, Flickr, BBC, CNN to find only the most useful and relevant information to improve your content and engagement.

Use to improve your traffic and SEO, in addition to creating more attractive content.

And, what were your favorite extensions? Tell us here in the comments!

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