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Designer imagines what a white version of the “iPhone 8” would look like, based on recent rumors

See, what a coincidence. In the reading section of emails from our last podcast, we discussed exactly the possibility of "IPhone 8" (or ?iPhone X?, or ?iPhone Edition?, or whatever you want to call it before Apple announces its official name) comes or not at a White color.

What ?catches? that, so far, we only saw supposed leaks from the device with the black back and, consequently, with the front also all black. I think it's very unlikely that we don't have a few different colors to choose from, but I think the change in design and the switch to OLED (AM) technology on the screen will really "kill" the white front on the iPhone.

The designer Martin Hajek, however, decided to imagine what it would be like:

White iPhone 8 Mockup / Render

Of course, I like it a lot and there must be many who will enjoy this possibility, but I think, especially due to the ?cutout? at the top for the cameras, sensors and ear speaker, Apple will no longer offer an iPhone with the white front even because they say that the iOS itself will be adapted in order to ?hide? this top cutout with a black status bar always visible.

Hajek also took advantage and put there more renders black model:


As always, he did very well at work but I think he lost a bit of his hand when drawing the rear apple it was too big, disproportionate

For those who lost, the designer also recently imagined what AirPods would look like in black, created a mockup unlike the ?iPhone 8? inspired by the original, it also showed us how the HomePod can stand alongside a Sonos or a Mac Pro.