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Deals of the day on the App Store: Sizer, Items & Storage & Inventory, Ski Safari 2 and more!

Starting the week and ending the month of October with our selection of offers in the App Stores!

Sizer - Clothes That Fits app icon

Taking a shopping trip? O Sizer just what you need to mark all the sizes you need.

In the app menu very well designed, by the way you can choose the country you want (United States, Europe, United Kingdom, Japan or Russia). Within the profile of each registered person (including a photo), you follow the measurements in each of these places.

If you've always looked for something like this, take advantage of the offer right now! ?

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Below more iOS apps that together add up $ 16 off:

Items & Storage & Inventory app icon

Create your own inventory.

Ski Safari 2 app icon

Radical sports.

Solar Walk 2 app icon - 3D spaceships

Have a Solar System at home.

Instaflash Pro app icon

Utility for photos.

Sorry, app not found.

Effects for your photos.

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Take advantage of offers and Happy Halloween! ??

Remembering that they are always for a limited time, so it is good to run. ?

(contributed: Fabricio Coriolano)