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Company sues Apple, HP and Intel for copying power conditioning technologies

A company called X2Y Attenuators has attracted enormous attention recently when it filed a lawsuit against Apple, Hewlett-Packarde Intel. Responsible for developing solutions for the electronics industry, she accuses the three companies of violating five patents, related to power conditioning technologies for desktop processors.

X2Y patent

The technologies basically describe the flow of electrical energy in a processor's circuits from the internal vectors. It is not known how Apple and HP are involved in this roll with Intel, but apparently the three worked together on specific implementations of the Core i7 chip (mentioned in the process) with resources to optimize consumption.

There is also the possibility that the two are in the process of increasing the value in royalties that X2Y can receive. Located in Nevada (United States), the company has already won licensing agreements with Samsung and is currently not known for developing new products, but for using patents to sue other companies.

(via Patently Apple)