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Claro is the second Brazilian operator to offer the Wi-Fi Calls feature on iPhones [atualizado]

Who here remembers the resource Wi-Fi connections, released by Apple on iOS 9.3? If you don't remember, I explain quickly what it is about even though the name is quite literal. With the feature enabled, you can make a call if you are in an area with little or no cellular coverage and have a Wi-Fi connection.

Here in Brazil, the only operator that offered such a feature was Vivo, which implemented it in March 2016. Because this week, who finally made the Wi-Fi connections available here was sure!

Wi-Fi connections at Claro operator

Before enabling the feature, you need to make sure that you have the operator settings properly updated. To do this, go to Adjustments About and check the version. If you are not on 28.3, it is quite possible that you only have to visit this screen to see the update update settings; if not, tap on the inscription "Operator" to force this update.

Up-to-date operator? So time to go on Phone Settings and activate Wi-Fi Connections.

We tested the service in a simple, but practical way: I have some blind spots here at home where there is simply no operator signal (but covered by my Wi-Fi network, although not with the ideal performance). Even without a signal, I managed to receive calls. Of course, as the Wi-Fi at this point in the house was also great, the connection was not wonderful, but it was still possible to receive it and walk to a better place in order to improve the connection.

Wi-Fi connections at Claro operatorNote that the name of the operator changes to ?Claro Wifi? when service is activated and working

The feature is also very good for those who usually travel abroad since, if connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can receive and make calls (and send / receive SMS) without the slightest problem (even with the roaming voice / data disabled), as everything works as if you were in your home city.

With the implementation of Wi-Fi Connections, it became the operator to offer more Apple-specific features in the country, as we can see on this page (in addition to Wi-Fi Connections, it also offers Visual Voicemail and the only one, ever) .

It is worth remembering that calls and SMS sending are deducted from your plan normally in Claro's new post-paid plans, however, this is a cause for concern since calls and messages are unlimited.

tip from Carlos Vilas Bas Jr.

Update 06/15/2017 s 12:35

The service regulations are available to everyone (PDF) and provide some interesting information.

Below, we highlight some:

  • Claro states that, initially, the service will be available only for the Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + models not to mention the iPhone, which is obviously inside the cake.
  • Calls to emergency / special numbers will not be allowed through ?Wi-Fi Calls?.
  • If the Wi-Fi signal is interrupted in the middle of a connection, there is no change to the mobile network (the connection will have to be redone).
  • The feature is only available for postpaid plans (individual).
  • Calls made to any mobile or fixed number will be charged as local, according to the rates of the contracted plan regardless of where the user is located. That is, if you are in Rio de Janeiro or San Francisco (USA) and call someone in Salvador through Claro Wifi, pay as if it were a local call.
  • Calls made to international numbers (DDI), even if you are in the same country you are calling, will be charged as a long distance according to the current values ??of this type of call.
  • Calls made using this feature will be identified on the invoice by the word Wi-Fi.

tip from Anderson Silva, via Tecnoblog