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City of São Paulo now has 3D maps from Apple [atualizado: Brasília também]

Rio de Janeiro and Salvador already have 3D maps from Apple some time ago. Today, however, it was time for us to see yet another Brazilian city win the resource: So Paulo.

Apple 3D Maps in So Paulo

The novelty comes just over a month after the city has gained public transport routes.

Obviously, we can view the buildings / structures in this way both in the macOS Maps app (just click on the ?3D? icon, in the lower right corner) and iOS (zoom in and slide two fingers up), as we can see in the images that illustrate this article.

Apparently, 3D maps have not yet reached neighboring cities (such as Campinas).

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In a related note as reported by the MacRumors In the United States, several Ohio cities (such as Cincinnati, Akron, Dayton, Canton, Athens and some areas of Cleveland) have recently gained traffic and public transportation information.

It is rooted that everything expands and that Apple's maps evolve more and more both here in Brazil and in the competitive world (for Google Maps) always good.

(tip from Gustavo Ribeiro)

Update · 11/05/2016 s 19:53

Braslia (Distrito Federal) also has 3D maps, although with some flaws, as we can see above by the tip of Rafael Marins.