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Chimei Innolux could become another supplier of touchscreens for iPads

According to DigiTimes, Chimei Innolux would have won a license with Hitachi to start the production of LCDs with IPS technology and, in addition, it would be in the process of starting the production of sensors for touch screens. This combination will allow the company, starting in June, to join the list of component suppliers for iPads.

iPad 2 disassembled by iSuppli

In addition to producing IPS panels and sensors, Chimei would also be responsible for the assembly, given that it is a Foxconn affiliated company.

Currently, the two companies that supply screens to Apple are LG Display and Samsung Electronics. While the Sammy is divided because of the iPad's competition with the Galaxy Tab, LG is expected to produce 3 million 9.7-inch displays in May, an increase of 50% over the 2 million produced in April.

(via AppleInsider)