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Brasília (DF) should receive the third national Apple store

It is nothing new for anyone that Apple's retail expansion occurs with surgical touches and it is even a privilege among the hundreds of countries in the world to be one of 19 to count not only with one, but with two stores of Ma.

However, a country of continental dimensions yearns, naturally, for more and more stores. Much is said about an eventual Apple Store in Porto Maravilha, in Rio de Janeiro, and about a flagship in So Paulo, but it seems that some market reasons made the plans take a turn.

We received the news that the retail field, responsible for Ma's expansion strategies, hit the hammer and chose Braslia (DF) as a priority to receive the next store.

Official photo of the opening of the Apple World Trade Center (Apple Store)Official photo of the opening of the Apple World Trade Center

Plans for other operations in Brazil continue, but let's say the company took the foot off the accelerator. In the case of the Rio store, Apple would have closed the deal for the construction of a point in Porto Maravilha, however there was a reanalysis because of how the area's revitalization was imagined and how it really is and today there is already a strong internal current with the intention of changing the location of the second store in Rio, although at no time is there talk of giving up (even if temporarily) expansion in Rio.

Returning to the Braslia store, yes, it is as we heard a flagship, being the first Brazilian to have the new store standard including physical aspects such as The Avenue (The avenue), Genius Grove (Alameda Genius), in addition to specific teams for training and another for business.

Giving even more weight to the news, a reader informed us that, at dawn today (Wednesday, June 21), Apple announced new vacancies for 13 positions / positions on LinkedIn with the indication ?Brasilia?, among them for Manager, Specialist, Genius, Store Leader, Expert, Creative, Inventory Manager, etc.

Today, the expectation is that the inauguration will take place only at the beginning of fiscal year 2018 (after September 31 of this year). If Braslia is confirmed, what is your bet (or wish) for the fourth city to receive an Apple Store in our country?