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Apple store on Fifth Avenue expected to reopen in October / November 2018

One of the main cones of New York and, I would say, the mecca of Ma in the world, Apple Fifth Avenue is undergoing a major overhaul since last January in order to adapt to the new store concept created by Angela Ahrendts (store bosses) and Jony Ive (design chief).

But do not stop, no: in addition to giving a good slap in the visual, the store doubles in size and also has a Beats 1 studio, so that we, mere mortals, can follow a little behind the scenes of the biggest radio in the world .

Apple works on Fifth Avenue

While the remodeling does not end, Apple tried to open a temporary store right next door, as we have already commented here on the website because, due to the magnitude of the project, we are not talking about a simple work that will be completed in a few months. Today, however, we learned more precisely when Apple plans to reopen the new space. Ready? The new Apple Fifth Avenue should open its doors at the end of 2018.

Apple works on Fifth Avenue

The date for the end of the works is 1 (October 31, 2018), for those who want to see, on a siding that surrounds the place, as shown in the images we received from a reader of the site. Of course, we are talking about a forecast, which may end before or after, but it is still a great indicator. In addition, we have an image of a glass cube indicating that the store's cone remains firm and strong, embellishing Fifth Avenue.

Apple works on Fifth Avenue

As we have already informed, the cube was removed from there to facilitate the progress of the works, but at the end of August 2018, more than a year from now he will be standing there, becoming one of the most photographed postcards in NY.