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Apple reports that adoption of iOS 10 has already surpassed 50%

Other research / statistical firms have already shown that adopting the iOS 10 it had surpassed that of iOS 9, but now official.

IOS 10 Adoo

On a page on the developer portal, Apple reported this week that the adoption of iOS 10 is in the home of 54%, against 38% of the predecessor operating system and 8% of the older ones. Apple discloses this information based on all iGadgets with App Store access, then this is a very accurate number.

Taking into account that iOS 10 was released just over three weeks ago, we are talking about very exciting numbers.

Among the readers of MacMagazine accessing the website from an iOS device, the rate even higher. According to data from the last week of Google Analytics, 82% of visits came from devices running the latest version of Ma's operating system; 14% ?still? are on iOS 9 and 4% on previous versions.