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Apple Music adds unofficial remixes to the service, head-on with SoundCloud

In March, Apple struck a deal with Dubset, a company that manages music rights used by DJs and pays artists due royalties. According to TechCrunch, it seems that we will now see the fruit of this negotiation because, as of today, the Apple Music gain support for unofficial remixes.

DJ Remix Apple Music

There is a certain limit to unofficial remixes, which are the combinations of songs that DJs usually create and are sent by the artists themselves. The great impediment of record companies that, in order to use the music, it is necessary to pay the due copyright. Still, a service that accepts these remixes is SoundCloud (where, by the way, we host our podcast), but one of the few at least so far.

The first unofficial remix to arrive on Apple Music is the track Room in Here, by Anderson .Paak, remixed by DJ Jazzy Jeff. For now, Ma's agreement with Dubset begins with these singles unofficial but the TechCrunch states that mixes with various songs used by DJs' shows will soon appear on the service.

Last May, Spotify also struck a deal with Dubset, and subscribers will likely soon see the same new feature coming to Ma's competitor service.