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Apple may change supplier to improve quality of light sensors in iGadgets

O DigiTimes obtained information about a Taiwanese ambient light sensor manufacturer, Capella Microsystems, which reportedly delivered units of its products to Apple for technical compliance testing. The small Asian company currently supplies its components to HTC and, if the rumor is true, it could win a contract for their offer in the production ofiGadgets.

iPhone 4 CDMA

By the end of the year, when the start of production / launch of the iPhone 5 is expected, Capella should become an Apple supplier in the sale of sensors for the company's smartphone, in addition to future generations of iPads and iPods touch. Another company, Integrated Memory Logic, should start selling other types of integrated circuits to Ma in the same period.

Still according to the DigiTimes, the current ambient light sensors used in iGadgets they would be the target of strong criticism due to some problems. Based on the fact that Apple made several changes in the construction of the iPhone 4 for the launch of its model in white, what remains to be seen if there are remaining defects in the components that it already uses.