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Apple Maps: more cities in the world get updates on public transport routes

O Apple Maps It is expanding even though it is slowly stopping, but it is. In Brazil, we have already received three-dimensional buildings in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador. In addition, we already have public transport routes here also in Rio and So Paulo.

But if you think that the expansions are taking too long to reach all Brazilian cities, rest assured that the delay is not only here. Public transport routes are still in the process of expansion even in the U.S (Ma's homeland). The first routes of the Amtrak (train and bus service), for example, appeared a year ago (only the northeastern part); now, the other routes have reached the Midwest, to south and to west.

Other places that also received news on public transport routes such as trains, trams and buses were Melbourne, Victria (in Australia), in addition to Montreal and Vancouver (in Canada).

On the floor of the carriage (and the carriage on that, because it's slow), Apple will really need to work hard if it wants to make Maps the official app of its kind for most users.

(via MacRumors: 1.2)